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Below is a chart with our all new ReversalAxe Indicator attached. This indicator has been designed to confirm when a trend has ended and a new trend should begin. As you can see, it has located most of the major pivots allowing the user to take home many points in profits! One other important benefit to this indicator is that it stays plotted and will not move once the period has ended.




Here is our all new MAXED paintbar Indicator. This paintbar will color the bars in realtime showing when a trend has exhausted itself. This can be used to confirm areas of possible entries or exits.



 Below is a chart of showing the PowerADX compared to a lagging indicator currently being sold on the market. As you can see, the PowerADX is superior to the SuperADX -as well as many others which try to utilize unique formulas involving the ADX. Our PowerADX has been used by traders around the world for the past 7 years. But more importantly, it is leading and provides direction -unlike the competition.

Here is an image of our latest update to the PowerADX. This can now be altered to show different strengths.




Here is one of our original trend confirmation indicators - the TrendFlow indicator. This indicator is based on a very reliable formula showing the current trend. We have then placed four separate lengths on the same frame. This provides the user an immediate visual confirmation of the current trend strength and direction.


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